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IEC 62304 Checklist for audits

If you develop software for a medical device then you have hopefully aligned your processes with IEC 62304 - Medical Device Software 

In an auditing situation, you might be required to demonstrate how you comply to this standard.

Our IEC 62304 Checklist is integrated in Aligned Elements and lets you perform the assessment inside AE, taking advantage of inconsistency rules, tracing to existing project documents as objective evidence and simple export to word once completed.

The checklist includes 93 prepared audit questions based on the requirements in IEC 62304.

This is a simple and efficient way to demonstrate your company and software's compliance with the standard.

FDA Powered Exoskeleton Special Controls

Exoskeleton manufacturers get and running with the Aligned Elements Exoskeleton Extension Package containing:

- 9 Potential Hazards (including suggested mitigations measures) outlined as exoskeleton associated risk factors by the FDA
- 38 exoskeleton Special Control Requirements deduced from 21 CFR Part 890 Docket No. FDA-2014-N-1903

This gives manufacturers a predefined starting point when setting up their Design History File with the intention of accelerating the documentation effort.

DHF Index example

An example DHF Index containing 135 DHF Line Items.

NUnit integration package

Import your Nunit results into Aligned Elements and populate your test results with a single click.