Partners with us

We know what we do best and what others do better than us. Our Partners make sure that Aligned Elements customers get maximum returns with minimal effort from our system by providing services, trainings, content and on-boarding assistance. 

Quality and Regulatory Experts

We team up with an array of Quality and Regulatory experts that can solve your Medical Device Development and Manufacturing issues on your terms.

Qadvis - QAdvis is a team of expert advisors in compliance, quality and productivity for the MedTech industry. We work with MedTech quality and system management, risk management, compliance, training, interim management and regulatory affairs. Visit Qadvis

Usability Experts

For assistance by and access to Human Factors / Usability / IEC 62366 Experts with Aligned Elements experience, reach out to our partners.

Use-Ingstands for usability engineers and at the same time expresses that our focus is always on representative users and their interaction with various technical products in the respective context of use. Use-Ing successfully supports companies in the medical technology, aeronautical engineering, software engineering, mechanical engineering, mobile machinery and geronto-technology sectors in the human-centered technology development of interactive systems. Visit Use-Ing

Umbrella UX - With our human factors and usability engineering competencies, we support companies in safety-relevant industries to minimize usage-related risks in their products, workflows or processes in order to avoid undesired events such as accidents or product recalls. Visit Umbrella UX

Educational Institutions

Aligned Elements is used at educational institutions where medical device development is taught.

Hochschule Furtwangen - Aligned Elements is used in the education of medical device at HS Furtwangen, teaching the concepts of Design Control Management. Visit HS Furtwangen

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Join our partner network to our customers bring world-leading Medical Devices to the market using Aligned Elements