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Company Instrument Category
Abbott Ablation Catheter
AgenaBio Genotyping
AOT Cold Ablation Robot-guided Laser Osteotome
Abingdon Health Diagnostic Rapid Tests
Anvajo Blood Analysis Instruments
Athena Medical Medical Trolleys, Screens and Accessories
AVA Women Fertility Tracker
Bambi Medical Wireless monitoring devices
Benchmark Electronics Wireless Monitoring Systems
Biocartis Molecular Diagnostics
BioRad Diagnostic Instruments
BIT Group Contract Development
Brighter Mobile Health
Cavidi HIV Diagnostics
Celon Pharma Integrated pharmaceutical company
Centerline Biomedical Endovascular Surgery Platform
Code Refinery Medical Device Engineering Consultants
Coloplast Wound care
CN Bio Innovation Organ-on-a-chip
CN Systems Hemodynamics
CTC Diagnostics Sample Handling
Dawn Clinical, 4s Information Systems Medical Device Software
DATA Corp. Medical Device Software
Decision Sciences Medical Advanced Image Analysis
Diality Dialysis Machines
DJO Global Orthopedics, sports and health products
DNA Electronics Genomic Diagnostics
Dr Langer Medical Neuromonitoring, Neurostimulation
Ellex Ophtamology
Emblation Microwave Therapy
Endosense Catheter ablation for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias
Escatec Medical Device OEM Manufacturer
Everex Medical Device OEM Manufacturer
Exini Image Analysis
Fluidic Protein Analysis
Fluidnet Infusion Systems
Fraunhofer-Institut für Biomedizinische Technik IBMT  Medical Device Prototyping
Geuder Devices for Ophthalmic surgery
GratXRay Breast Cancer Imaging
Haughton Designs Medical Device Consultants
Hemotune Magnetic Blood Purification
IF Test Medical Device OEM Manufacturer
IH Medical IVF Solutions
Integrated Scientific Services Medical Device Engineering Consultants
ItoM Bio- sensing wearable device
Labitech Diagnostic Analysers
Lifelens Bio- sensing wearable device
Livetec Ingenieurbüro GmbH OEM Developers
Lohmann & Rauscher Wound Care, Opthalmology, OR Products
MBV Air samplers
Medyria Endovascular Catheters
Megin Brain Imaging
MIDI PD OEM Developers
Mycartis Analysis of Clinical Biomarkers
MyoSwiss Wearable Robotics
Mölnlycke Healthcare Wound Care
NE Scientific LLC Medical Image Analysis, Modeling, Visualization
Nouvag Medical and Dental Powertools
Nuvia Healthtec Radiodiagnostics, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy
Oculox Technology Micro and laser technology
Oertli Instruments Ophtamology Therapy
Organ Assist Organ Perfusion Systems
Orlight Laser Surgical lasers
Osseointegrations Custom Implants
OstPunkt Medical Device Engineering Consultants
PA Consulting Medical Device Engineering Consultants
Pass Medical Device Consultants
Perimed Peripheral Vascular Diagnosis
Peripal Connection of dialysis tubings
Pjur Lubrications
Portal Instruments Needle Free Injections
Promega DNA STR Analysis
PTW Dosimetry Radiation Therapy
QuantumDX Molecular Diagnostic Systems
Qiagen Molecular Diagnostics
RegenLife Neurotech and Photomedicine
Remp Sample Management
ReinVAD Modern Cardiac Support
Scanco Medical CT Scanners
Schaer Proton Proton Therapy
Sony Mobile Communications  Health Tech
Stilla PCR Systems
St Jude Medical Implantable Heart Pump
Storz Medical Shock wave therapy
Super Computing Systems Medical Device Engineering Consultants
T2Biosystems Blood test Instruments
Tecan Immunodiagnostics, Molecular Diagnostics
Thermo Scientific Tissue processing for anatomical pathology
Thermotek Thermal Therapy Solutions
Thoratec Heart Pumps
TMSi Measurement Systems for electrophysiological parameters
Universitätsklinikum RWTH Aachen  Medical Modelling
Varian Brachytherapy
Vectura Inhalation Devices
Vetter Pharma Aseptically pre-filled Application Systems
Vision Gate Software for 3-Dimensional Cell Imaging
Volpi Optoelectronic solutions
Xvivo Perfusion Transplantation Systems
Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems Ophthalmic Systems

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