Integration with Atlassian Jira

Initially having started as a bug tracker, Atlassian Jira has, together with other tools from Atlassian, such as Confluence and Stash, formed a powerful set of software ALM tools.

The integration with Aligned Elements allows Jira Issues to be edited and traced straight from the Aligned Elements client. Recording test defects as Jira Issues in the Aligned Elements works seamlessly.

Integration with GitLab

Integrate GitLab with Aligned Elements to trace from Design Control items in Aligned Elements to GitLab issues and tasks.

Access, create, edit and trace GitLab items directly from Aligned Elements without any extra deployment or synch operations.

Let Aligned Elements features such as Queries, Inconsistencies and Word Integrations operate on your GitLab issues.

Integration with Subversion

It is now possible to directly connect Aligned Elements to your Subversion Repository. This connection can be added as an additional field to any existing Design Control type.

A typical scenario would be to specify a specific check-in when closing an Issue which allows Aligned Elements to trace all the way down to the source code.

It is also possible to create a completely new type, for example, a “Source Code Item”. This type can then be included in the traceability landscape of your project.

Integration with Azure DevOps

The Azure DevOps integration lets you create, edit and trace Aligned Elements items to Epic, Stories, Bugs and other Azure DevOps artifacts.

Integrating Azure DevOps items in your medical device traceability in Aligned Elements gives you the best of both worlds!

Aligned Elements access the Azure DevOps repository directly and makes any synchronization operations redundant. The integration is part of the Aligned Elements configuration and requires no extra deployment actions.

Integration with Redmine

Use Aligned Elements integration with the Redmine ticket system to integrate Redmine tickets into the Design Control traceability.

Create Redmine tickets from Aligned Elements on the fly when bugs are found during test execution.

Let Aligned Elements inconsistency checks validate the state of your Redmine items and use Aligned Elements bi-directional Word Integration to incorporate Redmine tickets into your DHF documents.

Integration with Enterprise Architect

Leverage the powerful System Integration models of Enterprise Architect in your Aligned Elements traceability.

Enterprise Architect Diagrams are displayed in Aligned Elements items through a live connection with the Enterprise Architect repository.

This permits traceability between Design Controls in Aligned Elements and models in Enterprise Architect diagrams as well as the incorporation of EA diagrams in Aligned Elements bi-directional Word reports.

Integration with GitHub Tickets

GitHub is one of the most popular version control systems used today. Although primarily used for source code control it also includes ticket/item tracking.

Aligned Elements access the GitHub database directly and make the items available for editing. GitHub tickets can be created, modified, traced, analysed, queried, and reported from Aligned Elements. 

Integration with Trac

Trac is one of the most widely used open-source bug tracking systems. With a tight Source Code Management integration, it is especially popular among software developers.

Trac tickets appear as any other Design Control Item Category in the Aligned Elements client and can be modified, traced, queried, and exported.

Integration with Countersoft Gemini

Aligned Elements integration with Countersoft Gemini makes the Gemini issues appear in the Aligned Elements client as any other Design Control Item category.

Using direct access to the Gemini database, no redundant information (apart from traces) is stored in Aligned Elements. Gemini issues can be created, modified, traced, analysed, queried, and reported from Aligned Elements.


Integration with Perforce/Helix ALM Core

Perforce, aka Helix ALM Core, can associate each change in the source code repository with a ‘job’.

Aligned Elements will let you create and edit these jobs directly in the UI and maintain a live link to the data within Helix ALM Core.

You may include a reference to any job within your traceability, very much like our internal management of Issues.

Integration with Microsoft TFS

Microsoft Team Foundation System is the state-of-the-art software application lifecycle management system from Microsoft.

Aligned Elements uses direct access to a selected set of Work Items and integrates them in the workflow of AE:s native Design Control Items, effectively tying the DHF together with source code tests and check-ins. 

TFS Work Items can be modified, traced, analysed, and exported from Aligned Elements.