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Single User

Single user set-up on a local database

40 €

monthly fee

Local Database for
one user

Uses AE Default Templates

Designed for evaluation purposes.


Share your License on as many devices you like


2300 €

yearly fee

Shared on any number of computers
For flexible use

Includes free upgrades and support.


License tied to a single computer

1200 €

yearly fee

Dedicated to a particular computer
For intensive use

Includes free upgrades and support.

Team Cost Examples

Floating licenses are great for users that occasionally work on Aligned Elements whereas Node-locked licenses are the obvious choice for dedicated users.

Since floating licenses are shared among several team members, the actual team cost decreases as the team size increases.

For advice on best possible license mix, contact us and request a quote. For starting your Free Trial of Aligned Elements, continue here.

Small Team

77 € / month

per user cost

5 users to share
3 floating licenses

Medium Team

58 € / month

per user cost

20 users to share
5 floating licenses

2 users set up with
node-locked licenses

Volume Discounts

We offer tier-based volume discounts starting from the 6th license. The discount per tier applies on the licenses in that tier.
Contact our sales department for any questions on our volume discounts.

Nr. of LicensesDiscount






Aligned Elements Hosted Saas Solution

If our On-Premise or private Cloud deployment options seems like too much hassle, Aligned Elements as Hosted solution is the perfect substitute. The same license types as listed above are used to when access in the Hosted Solution with the additional condition of a minimum number of active licenses required. Aligned Elements as Hosted Solution allows the user to access our Cloud-based repository using the Aligned Elements Web Client.


Aligned Elements Saas 
with floating licenses

250 € / license

monthly fee

Mimimum 5 licenses

Includes free updates, monitoring and support.


Aligned Elements Saas with
node-locked licenses

125 € / license

monthly fee

Mimimum 10 licenses

Includes free updates, monitoring and support.

Additional Packages

Getting up and running fast is important for most of our customers. To provide best possible fit between Aligned Elements and your existing organization, we offer the following add-ons:

Aligning with QMS

We configure Aligned Elements according to your quality management system for seamless integration with your existing QMS processes and templates.

3300 €

On-site User Training

Full-day training of up to 12 of your employees on your company site. The training warrents a certificate of completion if the final test is passed.

2500 €

Online User Training

Four one-hour online sessions for any number of users. The training warrents a certificate of completion if the final test is passed.

830 €

Electronic Signatures

Add 21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic / digital signature capabilities to your Document Management. Works with and without digital certificates.

2000 €

Integration with External System

Integrate Aligned Elements with Jira, TFS, Enterprise Architect, GitHub and many other system to get the most out of your existing infrastructure.

2000 €

Deployment, Quick Start and Validation Services

If you need further help, we assist you with tasks such as:

  • Server installation support
  • Transfer support of existing documentation into Aligned Elements
  • Validation support
  • Advice on Design Control structuring

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