Aligned Elements is a Medical Device application lifecycle management (ALM) solution enabling fast development and regulatory compliance through improved Design History File management.

October 25 2013

Biocartis, medical device manufacturer and developer of the PCR platform Idylla, has chosen Aligned Elements to manage the Design History File.

Idylla is a compact and scalable molecular diagnostics platform that allows assays to be performed anywhere, anytime without the need for a specialist laboratory environment and trained technicians.

IdyllaTM rapidly detects biomarkers in cancer samples, amongst other clinical patient samples, with a much higher sensitivity as compared to standard diagnostic assays and standard sequencing.

Find more information about Biocartis here.

August 30 2013

On August 30th, 2013, we release Aligned Elements V2.1 (

Aligned Elements V2.1 is the new major release from Aligned AG, containing a number of new features for increased control and improved transparency. These include:

  • Breakdown Charts with drilldown capability
  • Consistency Coverage Summary
  • Generation of trace reports to Excel
  • MS Word 2013 compatibility
  • Category Filtering in Project Explorer
  • Integration support for the Countersoft Gemini Issue Tracker

This improved feature set strengthens Aligned Elements claim to the leading position of Design History File Management solution providers.


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