Installation Support FAQ

I get an error when installing the Setup.exe

If this error happened after 2020.03.08, it probably has to do with a prerequisite file that could not be downloaded during the setup.

To proceed, perform the following steps:

Download, unzip and install this file: SSCE x86

Then download, unzip and install this file: SSCE x64

If there are any instructions to restart the computer, please follow them.

Finally, rerun the setup.exe in the Aligned Elements install package to complete the installation.


Using High DPI settings / high screen resolutions

For an optimal display of the Aligned Elements windows client on high screen resolutions, use the "Override High DPI Settings"

How to do it:

1) Find the Aligned Elements shortcut

2) Display Properties (right-click on the short cut)  => Compatibility Tab

3) At the bottom of the tab click "Change high DPI settings"

4) At the bottom of the displayed dialog, in the section "High DPI scaling override", tick the check box for "Override high DPI scaling" and select "System" (and not e.g. "System (Enhanced)") in the dropdown.

I get an error 0x80070BC9 when I install Aligned Elements

If you get an error 0x80070BC9 when installing e.g. the prerequisites to Aligned Elements, then this might be caused by installed pending Windows updates requiring a reboot, but the reboot has not yet occurred. Try to reboot your PC and thereafter start the installation of Aligned Elements again.


How do I know that I am using Word x64 (64 bit version)?

If you have installed the x64 Version of Microsoft Word, then you need to use a special installer. Using the regular (Word as 32 bit) installation package on your computer will result in a corresponding warning message.

To find out if you are using the 64 bit of Micorosft Version, open Word's "About" dialog. Where this dialog is located in Word is version dependent.

If the first text line in the dialog contains "64-bit", then you should use the Wordx64 installer of Aligned Elements.



Why does my project load freeze/hang during normal work?

If your network is using a Proxy, make sure that the Aligned License Server ( is excluded from caching and blockage. Aligned Elements needs both incoming and outgoing access to the License Server.