Word Support FAQ

An error appears when starting the Word Add-In

When using the Aligned Elements Windows Client, starting the Word Add-In displays the following error:


The error is an indication of that Word is installed as 64-bit on this computer but the Aligned Elements application expects a 32-bit Word application.

How to solve it

First, verify that you are using a Word 64 bit version.

Then uninstall your current Aligned Elements application.

Go to the Download Setups page and make sure you download the "Aligned Elements Windows Client - Word as 64 bit" set up. Make sure you download the correct version!   

The Aligned Elements Web Client Word Add-In does not display any icons

If the Aligned Elements Web Client Word Add-In does not display any icons, proceed as follows:

1) Open MS Word.

2) Click File => Options => Trust Center => Protected View

3) Make sure that the first to checkboxes ( "Enabled Protected View for files originating from the Internet" and "Enabled Protected View for files located in potentially unsafe locations") are not selected.


Strange Word Add-in display in Windows 10, version 20H2

Word documents and the Word Add-in displays in an awkward manner in Windows 10, version 20H2

How to solve it:

1) Find the Aligned Elements shortcut

2) Display Properties => Compatibility Tab

3) At the bottom of the tab click "Change high DPI settings"

4) At the bottom of the displayed dialog, in the section "High DPI scaling override", if the check box for "Override high DPI scaling" is selected, select "System" (and not e.g. "System (Enhanced)") in the dropdown.

Cannot uninstall a VSTO Customisation

If a VSTO customization cannot be uninstalled with the regular Control Panel - Apps & Features dialog, then access the "old" Programs and Features Dialog by clicking "Programs and Features" under the section "Related Settings" in the Apps & Feature dialog of the Control Panel. In this dialog, the VSTO customization can be uninstalled.

Aligned Elements will not install even though I have Word installed

If the Aligned Elements installer complains about your installed Word application, it might have to do with how it was installed.

Aligned Elements is incompatible with Microsoft Word if Word is installed from the Windows Store / Micorosft App Store.

To check if your Word is installed from the Windows Store, click File -> Account.

If the dialog mentions "Windows Store", then the application was installed as an App from the Windows Store.

office 2016 for windows store a closer look 14933

If you possess an Office 365 license, you can install MS Word as a regular desktop application (Microsoft recommends the 32 bit version) instead (and it would be installed in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16” or similar). The integration provided from Aligned Elements is built on Microsoft technology but only works with Word distributed as a desktop application.

E.g. MS Word 2016 Desktop Application can be downloaded from here.