Licensing FAQ

What licensing options does Aligned Elements support?
Aligned Elements uses a license model that supports "floating" (sometimes also called "concurrent") and "node-locked" (sometimes also called "named" or "personal") licenses are applied.
The floating license is a shared license model which enables the customer to a certain number of concurrent users on an unlimited number of installations. As an example, two floating licenses allow two users to concurrently use Aligned Elements regardless of the number of client installations.
Node-locked licenses are locked to a particular PC. These are less flexible but of course, also come at a lower price. 
All Aligned Elements licenses include support and updates for the full licensing period (1 year) and are paid and renewed yearly.
What is the minimum term of service?

The minimum term of service for the initial purchase is 12 months.

How do I renew a license?

In due time before the license expiration, you will automatically be sent a license update invoice. You do not have to explicitly contact us for license renewal.

How do I know if all my floating licenses are in use?

If all the floating licenses are currently in use, the next user logging in will be notified that all floating licenses are currently in use.

Can I buy additional licenses at a later stage?

Any number of additional licenses can be bought at any time. For administration convenience, we usually suggest that the expiration date for the additional licenses is matched to the expiration date of the initially purchased licenses.