Aligned Elements V2.5 SP 5 released

What's New

Aligned Elements V2.5 Service Pack 5 (2.5.357/130.18463) is here and includes some awesome new features and a host of bugfixes


Web Client Admin Operations

Web Admins now have direct access to database management, template management and enhanced user management.


Web Admin


Design Review Feedback Overview 

A new feedback overview displays the aggregated feedback from all users participating in the review.

 Reveiw Feedback


What's Changed

  • Insert Project Information attributes into Word as fields
  • Separate scrolling of Base form and Chapter list (Web Client)
  • Add to Test Run from Form (Web Client)
  • Add to Tag from Form (Web Client)
  • Enhancements in Issue proxy Authentication process 
  • Optional prohibition of Severity reduction FMEA:s 
  • Revision list always displayed with the latest revision on top (Web Client)
  • Allow use of text color and text background color in Rich Text and Table Attributes (Web client)

Upgrade now

With new features and important fixes, this release is a recommended upgrade.
Find the installer to Aligned Elements V2.5 SP 5 here.