Aligned Elements V2.5 SP 4 released

What's New

Aligned Elements V2.5 Service Pack 4 (2.5.344/120.17963) is here and includes some awesome new features and a host of bugfixes


Web Client UX Overhaul

A host of new UX features and an updated color scheme makes the use of Aligned Elements an even more efficient and pleasurable experience.



New Design Review Experience 

Let each Review Team members inspect and provide feedback on Items under Review, aided by great analytics and feedback capabilities.



Highlight Inconsistent Items in Word

For easier inspection and faster reviews, automatically highlight inconsistent items in word documents to quickly visualize and address outstanding issues.



What's Changed

  • Integration with Subversion
  • Integration with GitLab
  • Configurable Email content
  • Update Fonts in items with Batch Change
  • Replace Words in items with Batch Change
  • Queries for External Issue items
  • Automatic Change Comments
  • New Inconsistency Rule: check for unreviewed items in Documents
  • New Inconsistency Rule: item must exist in signed Document
  • Warn when trying to edit item currently under Review
  • Group Attributes in Form
  • New Approval Attribute
  • Risk Summary Widget in Dashboard
  • Centralizing User Management in Web

Upgrade now

With exciting new features and important fixes, this release is a recommended upgrade.
Find the installer to Aligned Elements V2.5 SP 4 here.