In addition to Aligned Elements MS Word add-in, most views support instant one-way Word Report generation using a standard output format. 

These reports serves as rapid and readily-available supplement to the richer and more elaborate Word integration.

Most views in the Aligned Elements client, including the Trace Explorer displaying the current project trace topography, support instant export to Excel of the displayed data relying on Excels' xlsx format. 

Once exported, these files can then further profit from Excels rich analysis functionality.

For deeper and thorougher analysis of DHF data, Aligned Elements chart functionality provides interactive drill-down charts revealing sometimes unexpected underlying trends in the DHF data.

The charts are can then later be exported or copied to other documents for presentation purposes.

Aligned Elements provides a rich and elaborate set of export/import function where the default export format applied is xml. In order to facilitate custom export formats, the customer can add his own xslt transformations, transforming the default output to the a customized format.

Example xslt transformations to csv, html, excel and Outlook are freely available here.

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