Aligned Elements V2.3 Service Pack 3

What's New

Cloud Deployment

If you don't have the required skills and resources for installing and managing your own IT infrastructure and software, consider using Aligned Elements cloud option. With a cloud option, you can get up and running quickly while simultaniously keep down costs for IT infrastructure and reduce deployment risk. 




Fast and Flexible Word Reports

Create and update Word reports even faster. Generate template-based Word reports on-the-fly with customized look and feel, create and populate Word documents with two simple clicks or update your documents with the latest database changes without even opening Word!



Simple signing with electronic signatures

Collecting document signatures is a final mandatory step when compiling medical device development documentation. A simple but often tedious action since finding the right signees at the right time can be a challenge in today's dynamic environment. Use Aligned Elements e-signatures to send e-signature invitations to the signees. They are just two clicks away from completing their signature.




What's changed

  • Web client Display Snapshot support added
  • Web client Word document creation and synchronization added
  • Web client Electronic signatures added
  • Web client Batch editing support added
  • Web client Export functionality added
  • New Project information placeholder 
  • Absolute mitigation reduction calculation
  • Support for Word 2016
  • Support for Windows 10


Upgrade Now

With more than 100 enhancements, fixes and usability improvements, this release is a recommended upgrade.

Find the installer to Aligned Elements V2.3 Service Pack 3 here.

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