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Aligned Elements - das Medizinprodukte ALM für Ihre Design History File Dokumente

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Aligned Elements V2.5 SP 3 released

Aligned Elements V2.5 Service Pack 3 (2.5.313/114.16963) is here with a great improvement and some important fixes.

What's New 

Collaborate using Comments

Use the Comments tab to add comments and send notifications to your team members. Comments can be used to discuss and clarify details or a particular design item during its life cycle. Emails notifies comment authors about replies, upvotes and mentions. Comments are only available in the Aligned Elements web client.

What's Changed

  • Important fixes regarding risk handling, Word and merging

Upgrade now

With important improvements and a handful of fixes, this release is a recommended upgrade.
Find the installer to Aligned Elements V2.5 SP 3 here.

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