Aligned Elements as Hosted Solution

As of April 2020, we offer Aligned Elements as a Hosted solution as a complement to our existing deployment options. It is thus now possible to deploy the Aligned Elements server On-Premise, in your own Cloud, or have it hosted by us. 

The Hosted Solution will be a welcome option for our medical device manufacturing clients that do not have or are not in a position to engage, IT infrastructure and/or IT personnel.

We host your Aligned Elements database server, web application, and system integrations in the cloud on the reliable Microsoft Azure platform, applying your unique configuration of Aligned Elements, designed to match your QMS, development process, and document templates. 

Use your standard browser to access the Aligned Elements web client and allow your team to break free from technical considerations and focus on their medical device development. Automatic maintenance and monitoring are continuously performed by our experts.

As new versions of Aligned Elements are released, each client decides on when the new versions shall be deployed. A client's solution will only be updated upon explicit request in order to deliberately move from one validated application state to another.