Aligned Elements Product News

May 27 2015

What's New

Document Management System integration

Automatically push updated, synchronized and released DHF documents from Aligned Elements into your Document Management System. Aligned Elements workflow actions push documents from Aligned Elements to a designated file location of your chosing. The push action includes optional PDF conversion, dynamic file name strategies and transfer of document meta data.



Efficient Test Case Execution

Create and assign bugs and deviations to individual test points / test rows without having to leave the testing context. Seamlessly use your existing issue tracking system, be it TFS, JIRA, Trac or Gemini, from inside Aligned Elements' test execution environment.



External links

Use the Aligned Elements specific URL:s to reference Aligned Elements Document Objects outside the application. The URL is a clickable link that can be used in emails, on the web or in Office documents to designate individual Aligned Elements Document Objects. Click on the link to automatically open the Document Object in Aligned Elements.



What's changed

  • Web client User Management support
  • Web client Project Settings support
  • Web client Snapshot setting functionality
  • Web client export of Word and Excel reports
  • Web client Document Object unlock support
  • New inconsistency rule: Missing Trace From
  • New inconsistency rule: Is Test Executed from last Revision
  • Checkbox, Dropdown, Datetime, User and Multiselect columns in Table Attributes
  • Set traces to individual rows in Table Attribute
  • Save and reuse company customized word formats in Richtext and Table attributes
  • Batch execution, generation and copying of Document Objects
  • Discontinuation of Word 2003 support


Upgrade Now

With more than 130 enhancements, fixes and usability improvements, this release is a recommended upgrade.

Find the installer to Aligned Elements V2.3 Service Pack 2 here.

January 23 2015

With the Hotfix Aligned Elements V2.3 Service Pack 1 ( we have fixed a small number of crucial bugs fixing some serious inconviniences in Aligned Elements V2.3.

Note that these issues in Aligned Element do not pose any danger to the data integrity of the projects. It is only a matter of fixing GUI problems that degrades the usability.

January 19 2015

What's New

Trace Table Designer

Design on-the-fly trace tables directly in the Aligned Elements clients.
Run and inspect immediatly or export and employ design as Trace Table Word Templates.



Flexible Workflows

Flexible, customizable workflows to with rules and conditions to match your existing Quality Management System.
Improves collaboration, enhances process quality and automates business processes.



Email Notifications

Keep in synch with the team progress by subscribing to changes to any Document objects.
Automatic email notifications to assignees to increase collaboration and accountability.



What's changed

  • SQL Server 2014 compatibility
  • Web client Risk Management editors
  • Web client Trace Table Designer
  • Web client Query Designer
  • Mitigation sorting on Risk Reduction Type in FMEAs
  • Support for “Probability of Harm” and “Probability of Occurrence” in Risk Analysis
  • Export of old Document Object revisions
  • “Change comment”-query filter


Upgrade Now

With more than 90 enhancements, fixes and usability improvements, this release is a recommended upgrade.

Find the installer to Aligned Elements V2.3 here.

July 18 2014

On July 19th, 2014, we release Aligned Elements V2.2 ( which includes the new Aligned Elements Web Client.

The Aligned Elements Web Client enables browser-based access to any Aligned Elements project from any remote location.



It is the efficient way to involve and benefit from external project stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, distributed marketing teams, external testers and other remote team members in the Design History File collaboration process.

The web client permits the user to perform core activities such as creating, updating and tracing Document Objects, managing chapter hierarchies, inspecting the project content, running queries, performing free text searches etc.

The new interface is optimized for easy access to core Aligned Elements functions  and combines high performance with a modern interface to enhance the user experience.

For the Windows Client V2.2, we have added a number of new features, most notably:

  • Bookmarking favorite Document Objects
  • Inclusion of the Revision History in Document Object XML exports
  • Optionally including old revision data of Document Objects in Excel reports
  • Copy users to other projects in order to minimize User management effort

We hope that you will enjoy these improvements.

June 20 2014

Zühlke Engineering AG in Zürich (, has been
evaluating Aligned Elements during the spring and we recently had the
opportunity to speak with Mr. Claudio Schödler, project manager at Zühlke,
about the results.

"Having finished the evalation of Aligned Elements after 3 months of
careful study, we can conclude that it is a highly suitable application for
medical device development projects." Mr. Claudio Schrödler summarises.

"The tight integration of the risk management functions is a particularly
strong advantage when working in this industry.", Mr.Schödler continues.
"In comparison with other similar applications, we have noted that Aligned
Elements excels in terms of ease of use and reporting. Most teams will be
up and running in a very short time.”

"As you work with the application, it becomes apparent that the Aligned
team has focused on easing the documentation burden, and succeeds in doing so very well.”

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